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We offer fruiting plants that are not common in the nursery trade but deserve a broader placement in home gardens. We are planning to have the next round of plant material sales in March 2023

Please read this post on our blog about this year's sale.

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Yangmei (Morella rubra) sexing

This service is for gardeners with yangmei seedlings that have not yet bloomed.

We have developed a DNA test to determine the sex of your yangmei seedlings. Label your plants and leaf samples with corresponding IDs, then mail in your leaves. You will receive test results by email within 5 business days of us receiving your leaves. For the test, we need just one leaf from each plant. After your order, we will send you an email with collection and mailing instructions within a business day.

We cannot accept leaves from outside the United States at this time.

Service Price (USD)
Yangmei DNA test to determine male/female for 10 plants or samples $350

If you have a smaller number of samples, email us for pricing.

About us

Really Good Plants is run by Marta Matvienko in Davis, California. Marta is a geneticist and lifelong gardener. Our mission is to make uncommon fruiting plants available to gardeners.

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